Booming Real Estate Market

With about 100,000 Apartments being built monthly throughout Turkey, and with more than 1 Million Real Estate construction workers, Turkey is now the second largest country in construction worldwide after China.

The housing projects are built up to a standard that is higher than the ones in Europe or North America when compared to the overall structure. When a 500+ apartments project is being constructed and up to even 1,000 or 1,500 apartments in a single residential complex, the entire project is completed within 24 months or less.

Ceramics, home appliances, smart systems, security, fiber-optics, waste recycling systems, water desalination system, water storage, double glazed windows, parquet floors, heat-cold insulation for walls, and more; everything is being taken care of and constructed up to the highest Turkish standards.

The above building standards are actually government standards rather than by project based standards.

We will assist you in selecting the most strategic projects that have high-potential by introducing you to the leading construction companies in various pre-selected developing areas in Turkey.

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